MQTT WordPress Plugin

The MQTT WordPress Plugin!

MqttCogs allows you to read and write data from an Mqtt Broker. Data read from the Mqtt Broker is persisted to a custom WordPress table and can be visualized using simple WordPress Shortcodes like this:

[mqttcogs_drawgoogle charttype="LineChart"]
 [mqttcogs_data limit="40" topics="mysensors_out/92/1/1/0/0"]

To create stunning realtime graphs like this:

….couldn’t I just install an IOT controller and use that to visualize my data??

Yes you could. I looked at a lot of them but couldn’t make my mind up. They all involve a server being on 24/7 and they ‘do’ sensors, they don’t do much else. I realised that this wasn’t what I wanted.

I wanted something simple that would persist my data and allow me to very quickly create some graphs of any Mqtt data. I quickly realised that I could easily control my sensors as well!

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