Mqttcogs Now Supports Leaflet

We’ve already seen that it is possible to show a simple plot of longitude and latitudes from a JSON payload. See Visualize OwnTracks GPS Data. If you like simple Google maps this works but isn’t particularly flexible. You can only display points on the Google map using the very limited Google Map Visualization. If you […]

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Grouping and Aggregating

Version 2.2 includes the ability to group and aggregrate data. This is really useful, it allows you slice data by day and apply operations like MIN, MAX and AVG. We’re going to work through an example that will show the MINimum temperature and the MAXimum temperature for each day for one of my sensors. The […]

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Visualizing Mqtt JSON Payload 2

This post describes how to manipulate the Mqtt payload when it contains JSON data. You must be using Version 2.2 or greater for this example to work! For this example, we’ll use some owntracks data. See Visualizing Owntracks Data for an introduction. Firstly, lets remind ourselves of what the data looks like in our database. […]

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How to Output a Table

This post shows how to output a Google Visualization Table. This is useful for a simple data dump of Mqtt data. I’ve tried to use this visualization in other projects but I found that the table is a little difficult to format and doesn’t include features that other table libraries do a lot better. See […]

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A State Triggered Action!

In a Create a Time Triggered Action we were able to schedule an Mqtt Message (the action) to be sent at a given time or interval. This example shows how to take an action based on an incoming message. I’ve highlighted my criteria in green and my action in red When I receive a moisture […]

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A Quick MqttCogs Dashboard

In this post i want to see how quickly I can put together a dashboard based on MqttCogs. I want it to display information from one of my sensors. My requirements are To display graphs of my sensors that show temperature To display my data sliced by date and time To incorporate other types of […]

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A Time Triggered Action!

This example shows how to take an action based on a time or schedule. It uses the excellent WP Control plugin. This plugin allows you to easily set the time window or repeating schedule that you want to use. Here is my logic that I would like to implement. I’ve highlighted my criteria in green […]

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Visualize OwnTracks GPS Data

This post describes how to visualize Mqtt data from the OwnTracks App. For this experiment I installed OwnTracks onto my phone and filled in my credentials for my Mqtt broker. Problem 1: My Mqtt broker uses port 14027. Outgoing data to this port wasn’t allowed on the particular Wifi network I was using. This took […]

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Playing with GPS Data using Filter Hooks

I wrote a really basic example here that showed how to plot some GPS points onto map. The example works well but you may have noticed that it relies on the data in the Mqtt message payload formatted in a particular way. Remember what it looked like? If you’ve worked with GPS devices before you […]

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MqttCogs Settings and Configuration

Here are all of the settings that are currently available for mqttcogs. Most of these are directly related to connecting to your mqtt broker. There are couple of other settings for managing and archiving your data. MQTT Version MQTT protocol version. Pick from either 3.1 or 3.1.1. Nothing else is supported. MQTT Server/Port This needs […]

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