A Quick MqttCogs Dashboard

In this post i want to see how quickly I can put together a dashboard based on MqttCogs. I want it to display information from one of my sensors. My requirements are

  • To display graphs of my sensors that show temperature
  • To display my data sliced by date and time
  • To incorporate other types of graph rather than just a LineGraph
  • I want the graphs to fill the screen on my laptop but ‘flow’ when viewing on my phone
  • I don’t want to be messing around with CSS!

We’ll start by crossing off the nasty CSS and columns problem. I ended up using a plugin called SiteOrigin (see this link). I’ve used a few page builders but I quite like this one. It’s free and is an easy, clutterless way of organising content on your blog.

WordPress now provides a much better page builder interface. You can add columns using the standard wordpress editing features! 

You can set up columns and rows and then add the mqttcogs shortcodes really easily.


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